Nepal's First Video FM

About Us

Citizen FM 97.5MHz was established on 2067 B.S which is a well-established organization and has been reinstated by new management theme. The trust of this organization is to continuously advocate through broadcasting and dissemination of relevant information to general public by respecting their right to information through advocacy, news broadcasting, radio program designing, media survey, media research etc. Our communication efforts have been diverse and deal with different sectors like consumer rights, political stability, poverty reduction, environment and climate change, corporate issue, public health, sex abuse, gender equalities, child rights, water and sanitation, health and disease, education, economy, agriculture and rights based media advocacy and healthy entertainment radio shows as well.

Nepal’s first Video FM

Citizen FM is trying to come out as Nepal’s First Video FM . We are trying to incorporate the current digital Revolution. Today’s generation are very much dependent into visual content rather than only Audio content. We have made a cross platform at both FM Radio and Video platform. Our radio can be listened live on Radio set as well as through our website and integrated application which will be launched soon. Various programs will also be made available through Video Stream in our Official website and social networking site. FM Citizen, Facebook/Fm citizen
This will help to reach and integrate various listeners and viewers which are divided through various interest and Digital Technology.