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BREAKING NEWS :पत्रकार धम्काएको आरोप खेपेका शंकर बीसी आत्महत्या गर्ने तयारीमा


चैत्र १५, चर्चित मोडल शंकर बिसी आत्महत्या अन्तिम तयारीमा भेटीए!तल्लो जातको भनेर लेख्नेलाई जेल हाल्दै

Shankar BC is an award-winning tap dancer and choreographer of Nepali Music and film industries.Shankar BC (born 1979) is a Nepali Dance director, instructor, actress and choreographer. Shankar BC is best known for His choreographic work in numerous Nepali music videos. Shankar BC has choreographed dance routines for more than a sixteen hundred songs in nepali music.

Shanker BC was very close to his parents among the others. From his childhood, he has very keen interest in dance as a result, he was able to win district level dance competition when he was in class two. His interest in dance makes him able to dance in any cultulral program held in his society.

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