Nepal's First Video FM

Bijan Duwadi


Media has now become an integral part of our daily life. It is Media that has become powerful enough to create and shape the public opinion on something and then project these to another group of people or region worldwide. As media does not represent any government body or any private body, the very nature of media is like a mindful watcher of the events happening around the world and then present relevant information to the general public. This means Media has got the power and responsibility to put lights on the matters that need to be addressed by government or all concerned bodies of society. We at Citizen FM 97.5, being the first VIDEO FM in Nepal, strive to innovate continuously. Please do support us in all ways you can as our Media house is an initiation by a few of us, nevertheless we need the co-operation and support of our listeners, business clients and whoever involved with us to raise our standards. My personal vision lies in executing the plans and policies to make this station a very innovative and productive information platform.

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