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Nar Bahadur Nepal (Bishnu)

Media is intended to reach and address a large target group or audience. The word was first used in respect of books and newspapers i.e. print media and with the advent of technology, media now encompasses television, movies, radio, and internet. Media is the sword arm of democracy.

On behalf of all the staff members, I am delighted to welcome you all to at the Citizen FM established at 2067 B.S. It is a great privilege to serve all as the Chairman of Citizen FM, with an outstanding Reputation, enthusiastic members  willing to do something and  supportive listeners interested in an upgrade of the Nepalese Media. “Happiness is like a radio station, broadcasting all the time You just have to learn how to tune in and receive it properly”. Stay tuned to ‘ Today’s best tune’.

Krishna Dulal
Board Of Director

The variety of evolving stand along and built-in media services introduces challenges of definition. Media is not only for entertainments as well as makes audiences aware and also platforms and promotes product services. I referenced the media so much power they can mostly determine if someone is guilty and innocent.

Media representing a wider and wider range of concept, products, services, and institutions. Media continues to be in a state of flux. It is the primary means of communication used to reach the vast majority of the general public.